A global eco logistics solution
delivering professionals worldwide and connecting
businesses for a sustainable world.

Why to choose Sumy?

" We can help you achieve your eco logistics targets & transport costs reduction " by
1. maximising it's potential troughout optimisation
2. lowering it's negative impacts on our loved nature with sustainable fuels.

Your in & out flows becomes faster, cleaner and silent.

Mobility Services

  • Green distribution

    Green distribution

    Temperature-controlled & intelligent transport solutions that drive real time value for your business.

  • Express transport

    Express transport

    Express 24hours delivery services.
    Real-time & detailed progress of your shipment.
    Off hours delivery.

  • Supply chain

    Supply chain

    Tailor Made logistics & transport solutions for the food and pharma industry sectors.

  • Urban warehousing

    Urban warehousing

    Intelligent warehousing solution for your supply chain.

About the Team

It all started in 2013 when 2 colleagues, driven by their shared passion for sustainable mobility developed an idea for an eco logistics and green transport solution. The first SUMY vehicles operated on 2nd january 2014, in Brussels.
The beginning of a marvellous worldwide story...

  • photo team 1

  • photo team 2

  • photo team 3

  • photo team 4


...a growing constellation of cable cars around Latin America that link marginalized communities to their cities’... https://t.co/ClE3XJ6dfM

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...see the value of what women do best -- generating authentic growth, focusing on really solving problems, and... https://t.co/ftP2bEeD82

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News from SUMY

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CONFERENCE OF THE EUROPEAN BIOGAS ASSOCIATION 27 & 28.09.2016 Gand, Belgique 08:00 - 09:00

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Contact us


Tel: +32 2 262 32 55

How to visit us :
by Public transport : BUS 47-57 STIB
by Train : North Station , Brussel
by Bicycle : lien itinéraire provelo
By Car = Ring Exit 6 ( Koningsloo - Vilvoorde )


Avenue de Béjar laan 1A/E
1120 Neder-Over-Heembeek

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