SUMY is a global eco logistics solution
delivering professionals worldwide and connecting
businesses for a sustainable world.

SUMY is Helping its customers to achieve a

- 39% Reduction of CO2 per delivery
- 95% Reduction of PM2.5 per delivery
- 50% Reduction of noise PER DELIVERY

Why choose Sumy?

SUMY's network enables a flexible range of eco logistics and sustainable mobility solutions to meet the business needs of its clients. Depending on requirements, SUMY can coordinate supply chains activities through its Sustainable Logistics Urban Platform (SLUP) located in Brussels.

Professionalism and extensive experience with a clear focus on temperature-controlled products ensure optimal conditions and processes for valuable goods.

SUMY is capable of delivering to end customers like retailers, catering services, hospitals, pharmacies, schools and supermarkets. SUMY supports its customers to achieve a reduction of 95% of fine carcinogenic particulates PM2.5 and 39% of CO2 emissions on every urban transport operation.


  • Green distribution

    Green Mobility

    24/7/365 availability
    Temperature-controlled delivery
    Green urban freight mobility
    Last mile delivery
    Silent & reverse delivery
    Intelligent real time shipment monitoring

  • Express transport

    Circular Logistics

    Multiple order management
    Storage, picking, packing
    Sorting, handling
    Reusable packaging cleaning
    Waste recycling

  • Supply chain

    Audit & Certification

    CO2 monitoring
    PM 2.5 black carbon monitoring
    Green optmization

  • Urban warehousing

    Urban warehousing

    Multi temperature storage
    Collaborative consolidation
    Neutral logistics externalization
    Multi modal platform services
    Preparation and packaging


It all started in 2013 when 2 colleagues, driven by their shared passion for sustainable mobility, developed an idea for an eco logistics and green transport solution.
The first SUMY vehicles operated on January the 2nd 2014 in Brussels.
The beginning of a marvellous story...

  • photo team 1

  • photo team 2

  • photo team 3

  • photo team 4


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02.07.2018 - 03.07.2018 MIT-CTL BOSTON & SUMY : Sustainable Urban Mobility Summit Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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Tel: +32 2 262 32 55

How to visit us ?
By Public transport : BUS 47-57 STIB
By Train : Brussels North Station
By Bicycle : see Bruxelles Mobilité bike map
By Car = Ring Exit 6 (Koningsloo - Vilvoorde)


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1120 Neder-Over-Heembeek

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