MIT-CTL BOSTON Hosted SUMY for the First Sustainable Urban Mobility Summit

Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL)
1 Amherst Street, Building E40 Cambridge, MA 02142



July 2, 2018


9AM-12PM: Introductory presentations

• 9h00: Welcome, introductions, coffee

• 9h15: Introduction to MIT Centre for Transportation & Logistics CTL – Katie Date, CTL

• 9h30: Sustainability @ CTL - Suzanne Greene, CTL

• 9h45: Megacity Logistics Lab - Milena Janjevic, CTL

• 10h00: Sustainability @ SUMY– Hinde Boulbayem, SUMY

• 10h30 ZLC projects -Beatriz Royo, ZLC

• 11h00: Early lunch & prep for research talk

• 12 h15 : Research talk for CTL: Suzanne Greene + Beatriz Royo

12h30: Lunch 

• 2PM-4PM: Workshop on Black Carbon Methodology for the Logistics Sector & emissions accounting @ SUMY

July 3, 2018


• 9AM-12AM: Solution for a Better Future

• 9h00: Welcome, coffee

• 9h15: Supply chain traceability – Yin Jin Lee, CTL

• 9h45: Visualizing supply chain and logistics data - Milena Janjevic, CTL

• 10h15: Coffee Break

• 10h45: Improving fuel efficiency with vehicle assignment, routing and facility location – TO BE CONFIRMED

• 11h15: Block chain + commodity supply chain – Inma Borello, CTL

• 11h45: Introduction of Biomimetic Models for Urban Distribution Research - Hinde Boulbayem, SUMY

12h15: Lunch

2PM-4PM: Harvard Map Collection Address: Pusey Library, Harvard Yard Harvard University Cambridge, MA 02138